How to recover your skin after the summer

During the summer vacations we try to disconnect from everything and we want to take advantage of every ray of sunshine to survive the cold winter.

A few weeks ago we told you how to take care of your skin during the hottest months of the year. We already know that ultraviolet radiation promotes premature aging of our skin and that is why we must prioritize the cellular recovery of our dermis, helping it to generate more collagen and keeping it better hydrated.

Because in addition to our skin, with the heat our entire body suffers from dehydration and our organism must fight to combat it and keep cool, and that is why we feel more tired than usual during the hottest days.

How do we get our skin back to normal?

If to prepare our skin for the summer we focus on sun protection, exfoliation and moisturizing, for the return from vacation we recommend prioritizing depigmenting treatments and products, without neglecting moisturizing and exfoliation, which are essential for cell regeneration.

In this case it is important to mention that depending on the state of your skin you will need some care to repair it or others, and that is why it is so important to know how to determine what type of skin you have, and to understand the signs it gives you at all times.

Do you feel your skin drier after the summer?

It is completely normal, and it is also the easiest problem to solve: you must hydrate yourself inside and out. Add moisturizing products to your routine and make sure you drink enough water throughout the day and eat foods rich in water. Avoid hot showers, air conditioners and sun exposure.

In addition to the routine that you can perform at home, there are several non-invasive and topical treatments that can help you achieve better results that you can find in aesthetic clinics such as Dr. Alejandro Segarra.

If your skin feels drier than normal and you are looking to protect it and promote its regeneration, infiltrations of non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid will give you back the quality and luminosity that you have lost during the summer. This deep hydration treatment does not modify the skin’s volume, but the hyaluronic acid is reabsorbed by the skin, helping to prevent skin aging and stimulating cellular metabolism.

In addition, with an application of only 10 minutes and local anesthesia, this treatment has a duration of approximately 4 to 6 months and allows results to be seen only one week after application.

Do you want to restore firmness to your skin or eliminate imperfections?

The sun’s rays are essential to achieve that browner tone that suits us all so well, but they are also responsible for the photoaging of our skin, i.e. they accelerate the deterioration of collagen and elastin in our dermis and promote the appearance of wrinkles.

There are many remedies and solutions to combat premature skin aging, and although natural remedies are never definitive, if you are consistent you can keep your skin structure balanced and visibly healthy.

In addition to protecting yourself daily and without excuses from the sun’s rays, in order to keep your skin smooth and firm, it is important to avoid a sedentary lifestyle, not to smoke, to prioritize a balanced diet and to always keep well hydrated.

If you are looking for a solution that does not require so much constancy and that really allows you to delay facial aging and prevent sagging, you will be interested to know that with a regenerative medicine treatment such as PRP or platelet-rich plasma, you will increase the elasticity and luminosity of your skin. After only 3 weeks after application under local anesthesia, you will see how your wrinkles have diminished and the appearance and texture of your skin has improved.

Have you developed spots on your skin?

In case the sun has left spots or other visible signs on your skin, we recommend you to be cautious with depigmentation treatments during the post-summer season, as they can have the opposite effect and worsen the marks on your skin. Remember that an anti-spot treatment is not compatible with the sun.

A routine of this type will be useful to lighten the skin and eliminate any spots that may appear due to sun exposure, but you should start it once the summer is over.

And if in addition to prioritizing the care of those annoying marks on the skin, you complement your daily care with a medical-aesthetic treatment such as a PRX or chemical peel, you will manage to keep at bay certain pathologies such as chloasma, also known as melasma.

This treatment does not require needles or micro-injections, but is performed with PRX-T33® machinery that helps stimulate the skin avoiding the side effects of traditional peels – revitalizing the skin and restoring the skin’s luminosity that may be lacking. A treatment that also helps to enhance the effects of other common aesthetic treatments, as it can be applied simultaneously with botulinum toxin or Botox injections, fillers, vitamin injections, and other aesthetic medicine treatments.

Beyond the sun and ultraviolet rays, there are many other external factors that affect the condition of our skin, such as stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, drinking too much alcohol or coffee, or having an unbalanced diet – that is why it is important to understand that everything that happens to our skin are signals from our body asking us to prioritize health.