5 uses of hyaluronic acid that you didn’t know about

For many, it is no longer news that hyaluronic acid is produced naturally in the human body. In fact, up to 50% of the total produced by our body is found in the connective tissue of our skin, including cartilage and joints.

And we are not surprised because for a couple of years this natural substance has become popular in the world of aesthetic medicine and facial care to such an extent that we have all heard of it to a greater or lesser extent … but do we really know the work this active ingredient does? antiaging so well known?

What is hyaluronic acid and what is its function?

Its main function is to retain the water particles that accumulate in our body, being able to absorb up to 1000 times its weight in water, and that is why it is known to many for its sponge effect. It provides resistance to the skin and prevents expression lines, while in the outer layers of the epidermis its purpose is mainly to maintain hydration.

When we reach 25-30 years of age, our body is no longer able to produce the same levels of hyaluronic acid and it is then that the first signs of aging become visible on our skin. This explains why it is so important to apply preventive care when approaching this age.

How to improve the natural production of hyaluronic acid?

There are methods and natural remedies that can help you increase the production of this natural substance in your body, such as the consumption of tubers and vegetables rich in magnesium or zinc.

Another crucial factor to consider is hydration: hyaluronic acid requires the presence of water in your body, which means that if you are dehydrated it will not be able to perform its rejuvenating functions.

The good news is that this gel substance can also be applied with micro-injections into the skin, which help to even out lost hyaluronic acid levels. And this is not only in the world of cosmetics and aesthetic medicine, but this natural substance is applied and used in many other situations.

Best of all, being a natural substance, the body is able to absorb and assimilate it as its own, so that the results after injection are as natural as possible.

What are the best kept secrets about HA?

Beyond hydration and its undoubted anti-aging power, hyaluronic acid has countless other benefits for your body and has been given other uses throughout history that we want to share with you today.

After all, if you’ve come this far, it’s because you’re still waiting to discover the secrets of this magical molecule, so here goes:

1. It is a very common ingredient in pastry.

That’s right. Hyaluronic acid was first isolated by the German pharmacist Karl Meyer after obtaining it from the eye of a cow. Since its benefits were discovered, it began to be used in 1942 in the baking world as a substitute for egg whites. And when it was discovered that it could be easily obtained from roosters’ combs, it has been widely used in the pastry industry. It did not begin to be used for cosmetic purposes until 1996. Incredible, don’t you think?

2. It has a powerful regenerating and anti-stain effect.

This natural ingredient can handle anything and skin blemishes are no challenge for hyaluronic acid. Helps to conceal marks caused by acne and age spots, as well as those caused by sun exposure.

3. It is the perfect ally for acne-prone skin.

Hyaluronic acid prevents the overproduction of sebum and oils that clog our skin pores. In addition, it can fill atrophic scars caused by acne by immediately adding volume to the facial skin.

4. It is essential to maintain healthy eyesight

This liquid is found in our eyeball and is an infallible remedy for dry eye as it hydrates the cornea and conjunctiva and moisturizes it. They help us retain moisture and keep eye health under control.

5. Provides resistance to oral gums

This ingredient that we produce naturally can also be used in the world of dentistry to regenerate gums or oral mucosa, helping to facilitate wound healing and preventing the wound from becoming infected. In fact, its application is very useful during oral surgeries to reduce inflammation.

What did you think? This list of 5 secrets about hyaluronic acid shows that, although this molecule has been talked about for several years and we have become accustomed to hearing about hyaluronic acid microinjections, in reality it remains a great unknown. And as it is essential that you are well informed before making the important decision to undergo a medical-aesthetic treatment, from the Clinic of Dr. Alejandro Segarra we always want to anticipate all your doubts.

Because before we tell you what wonders can be achieved with an intervention with this molecule, such as rhinomodeling without undergoing surgery, or providing hydration and volume to the lips and other areas of the face and body, it is imperative that you understand what hyaluronic acid is, where it comes from, where it is used and how it is used. and, above all, assimilate that it is a natural substance that your body is able to absorb as its own.

Only then will you be able to lose your fear of it and understand that besides helping you take care of your body, this multifaceted and purely beneficial component can help you look better and love yourself more.